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I'm James and I'm a communications professional who's passionate about the non-profit sector. 


I believe in the profound impact community organizations have on our communities. I also know that because almost every penny is devoted to front-line services, organizations may not have the capacity to communicate to their audiences as well as they would like. There are times when your in-house resources simply aren't enough. 

That's where I come in. 

I provide expert, strategic communications advice and other services for non-profit organizations. With 30 years' experience in government, media and the non-profit sector, I have a strong track record in developing and implementing strategies to enhance an organization's brand and reputation. 


how I Can 

help you


Strategic Communications

It's 9 a.m. - do you know what your managers and employees are saying?

Everyone on your payroll represents your organization. That means any communication efforts must reflect your agenda and your overall strategic plan.


I can help ensure your communications plan achieves your goals, whether it is promoting your brand, urging community members to support your cause or advocating for policy changes.

Media Interview

Issues Management

Organizations need to plan for the worst, and that includes any issues that could affect your clients, your donors and other stakeholders. Problems need to be analyzed and resolved before they negatively impact your organization and its reputation. 

In these instances, have you already designated a spokesperson? Is that person available and fully briefed on the issue? Can they effectively communicate how you are taking steps to resolve the problem? 

I can help you create plans to manage these issues quickly and effectively so you can retain your reputation in the community, including your clients, funders and other stakeholders. 


Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder engagement is the process when an organization communicates or interacts with its stakeholders.

Effective engagement will help to achieve organizational goals and foster good relations with your communities. 

I can help you craft a plan that ensures you have considered all the audiences you need to reach out to and improve your profile and reputation.